Buying Remnant Advertising


Demand is often high for remnant advertising media placement as it is usually much cheaper than traditional station or agency rate cards. The downside of standby remnant space is… sometimes your budgeted ad schedule doesn’t fully run. Or your advertisements aren’t placed precisely in the schedule you’d optimely select. Media Partners Worldwide typically sees our remnant schedules achieve 95+% of the anticipated placements.

What is Remnant?

Remnant radio advertising can be purchased nationally and locally based on remnant space available. We offer national and regional radio advertisers the opportunity to purchase unsold radio advertising avails at prices much lower than can be found on station rate cards or by calling a radio station directly.


As an agency, we specialize in remnant media buying, which is advertising space that has gone unsold and as such is made available to us at a steep discount off of their normal rate cards close to airtime due to our relationships with the broadcast partner.

Why Remnant?

Buying remnant radio advertising allows for testing of radio with reduced investment and risk. For current radio advertisers, the discount pricing afforded by including remnant in your buy helps reduce your overall cost per unit. For performance campaigns, some of our media partners will run your ads on a CPC (cost per call) basis. You pay for the leads or calls generated.

Remnant Works!

Remnant advertising is easy and it works! We invite you to connect and partner with us – Call today.

How long will it take to get my remnant ad on the air?

It takes about 7 to 10 days to get a remnant commercial media buy on the air.  This time allows our team to strategize, create and design the most effective remnant schedule for your budget based on historical analytics and acquiring our best bulk rates. Plus, using our years of expertise with different creative, it can take about 5 days to write and produce an effective commercial spot for your campaign.

How Much Does Remnant Save on Print Media?

In the print industry remnant space, also called “standby space”, is the leftover blocks of newspaper and magazine advertising space that remains unsold as the publication readies for the printing press. With newspaper and magazine advertising, last-minute remnant space ad rates can be discounted as much as 70+% off the published ad placement list price. Many of America’s most popular magazines and newspapers quietly offer highly discounted advertising space rate as the closing dates and hours of their publication schedule grows near.

Why Use Media Partners for Remnant?

• We are turn-key and can handle the entire process for you including writing your ad copy, producing your commercials, supplying the call tracking phone numbers
• Remnant opportunities in radio, print (magazines and newspapers), out-of-home (OOH) including billboards, etc.
• Media buying negotiation effectiveness (30 to 70+% off rate cards)
• One of SiriusXM’s pioneer advertising agency partners
• Customer service focused – through to our President
• Direct Response is in our DNA
• Family oriented agency culture
• Our 20+ years of media buying experience

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Discover the power of Remnant Media Advertising!

Remnant space achieves big discounts in placing media buys – lowering your costs for direct response advertising rates.

Want to test a media channel without committing too much of your advertising budget? Look no further than remnant media. Remnant advertising buys offer a great way to split test media and creative at a very low cost.

Think only the big brands can afford TV, print or radio advertising? Cost need not be a barrier to entry for advertisers interested in television, print, or radio. Remnant is a great way to overcome the cost barrier. Remnant rates create an opportunity to acquire broadcast and print ad space at an affordable price.

Our Clients Talk Results!

Amazing Results!

Our business was growing modestly year over year. The company was looking to substantially increase new memberships. MPW helped us grow by 30 percent with a well negotiated TV campaign.

Steve Patterson
Lindora Medical Centers

Sales Are Up Up Up!

“Media Partners team has been extremely valuable to my agency, helping us grow and expand our business successfully.  Not only has MPW been a great resource for radio and podcasting, but they have been very successful in executing OTT/CTV and social media campaigns. Easy to work with and a phenomenal partner! ”

Jeff Donnelly
CEO, Cool Prevails

Dramatic Conversion Rates!

Having MPW helping us fine tune our target audience offline, brought us more qualified visits online and increased dramatically our conversion rates.<

Christian DeRivel
Snore Stop

MPW = Great Partners

Natalie and MPW were great partners for us, playing a critical role in kicking off the Martha & Marley Spoon radio campaigns. Our results were well within CPA targets (in some cases, below even our best online campaigns), and radio soon turned into one of the biggest revenue drivers in our offline media mix

Sayan Sarkar
Sark Media Direct

Instrumental In Helping

Marketing Strategies has been using Media Partners for three years and continues to get excellent results thanks to the knowledge their staff has on the various markets we have been in. They have been very instrumental in helping me with expansion plans for my male clinic client.

Alan Pollock
Marketing Strategies

Famous Smoke Shop

The Media Partners Worldwide team continues to exceed our expectations, year after year. We’ve tried other agencies in the past, and no one has delivered results like MPW. Their customer service is first rate. I cannot say enough great things about this team. Their guidance and strategic media buying methods have been essential toward our organizational growth in customers and revenue.

John Lamberti, Director of Marketing
Famous Smoke Shop

I would recommend MPW!

I’ve sold nearly 400 million dollars worth of real estate and I wasn’t going to entrust just anyone with the concept and branding of my company and also the tie-in with my brokerage company Surterre Properties. Art with his ideas and follow through have been professional and very results oriented. The whole team always helps with ideas and execution and they are fun to work with on top of it all! Without question I would recommend his services.

Eliisa Stowell
formerly of Surterre Properties and now with Barclay Butera Real Estate Group

Exceeded Our Goals!

“My experience with MPW has been great. They are a company that puts its focus on its clients whether being flexible in providing the best information that they can or while working with print and stations to get the best deal possible. Valerie has been great to work with and I plan to continue working with them in 2018 as the results from our newspaper ads helped us to meet our goals in 2017.”

Paula-Kaye Richards, Acquisition Marketing Manager

MPW Hits All The Marks!

“When it comes to marketing and positioning your business, you want expert advice, delivered on time with results you can measure. Media Partners Worldwide hits all the marks and has exceptional service and experience – for these reasons and many more, they are the only media buyer we trust and recommend to clients and dentists throughout North America.”

Steve Dustin Burleson, CEO
Dustin Burleson Seminars

So Pleased!

We have been so pleased with the communication, service, and the price of the ads with Media Partners!  We looked at other vendors, and Media Partners has saved us thousands!

Dr. Dustin R. Coles, DDS, MSD


If you're ready to grow your business, we're the best solution.

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