Boost Your Advantage with Podcast Advertising

Podcasting is becoming one of the most popular mediums for new products to test.

Finding the right podcast for your target audience and to sell your product can be an
overwhelming exercise.

There are thousands of podcasts to download and more sprout up each day.
You need experts to help navigate this complicated and growing medium.

The buying team at MPW has experience and familiarity with the ever-changing
podcast landscape and knows where to find podcasts that will best target your audience.

Why Advertise On Podcasts

Podcast Listeners are LOYAL, AFFLUENT and EDUCATED


51% Of US Population
has listened to a podcast
49% Of Podcast
listening is done at home
22% Of Podcast
listening is done in the car
19 Billion Annually
$19 billion in 2008 | $13 billion by local businesses.


With the freedom to talk about any subject, Podcasts give you the opportunity of contextually targeting your audience.

Influencer Platform

When a listener’s favorite host reads the commercial, it’s just like a friend telling them to try a product. Listeners trust the host and value their opinion.

Listeners Don’t skip your ads

Podcast followers are less likely to skip your ad because they are loyal and attentive to the show. Ads are typically at the pre roll, mid roll and end of show.

Time in your Favor

Podcasters typically are not restricted by time and when segments start and end. They can take as long as they want to read your ad, which results in improved content.

Podcasts allow us to take in powerful stories, while stimulating our imagination and learning about new topics. The podcasts and their influential hosts become a familiar and trustworthy companion, in the car, at the gym and anywhere we go.




• Be prepared to pay CPM’s of $15 to $35 per commercial

• Test numerous podcasts that reach your target audience

• Be ready to send out your product to the host so they can try it and get familiar with it before they read your spot

• Be sure to firm up copy and delivery with a strong call-to-action (CTA)

• Be ready to drive your listeners to a website, not a phone number

• Use promo codes to source different shows

• We suggest giving each show a minimum of 4 weeks


{"type":"pie","data":{"labels":["Age 12-17 10%","Age 18-34 39%","Age 35-54 35%","Age 55+ 16%"],"datasets":[{"backgroundColor":["rgba(30,115,190,0.9)","rgba(236,59,239,0.9)","rgba(242,155,55,0.9)","rgba(159,224,69,0.9)"],"hoverBackgroundColor":["#1e73be","#ec3bef","#f29b37","#9fe045"],"data":[10,39,35,16],"borderWidth":0}]},"options":{"animation":{"duration":2000},"maintainAspectRatio":true,"cutoutPercentage":0,"circumference":6.28318530717958623199592693708837032318115234375,"legend":{"display":true,"position":"top","labels":{"usePointStyle":true,"padding":20,"fontColor":"#3a3a3a"}},"tooltips":{"enabled":true,"bodySpacing":8,"titleSpacing":6,"cornerRadius":8,"xPadding":10},"noTsep":false}}
["Age 12-17 10%: {y}","Age 18-34 39%: {y}","Age 35-54 35%: {y}","Age 55+ 16%: {y}"]

Source: Edison Research, 2019


{"type":"pie","data":{"labels":["WOMEN 44%","MEN 56%"],"datasets":[{"backgroundColor":["rgba(236,59,239,0.9)","rgba(15,135,226,0.9)"],"hoverBackgroundColor":["#ec3bef","#0f87e2"],"data":[44,56],"borderWidth":0}]},"options":{"animation":{"duration":2000},"maintainAspectRatio":true,"cutoutPercentage":0,"circumference":6.28318530717958623199592693708837032318115234375,"legend":{"display":true,"position":"top","labels":{"usePointStyle":false,"padding":20,"fontColor":"#3a3a3a"}},"tooltips":{"enabled":true,"bodySpacing":8,"titleSpacing":6,"cornerRadius":8,"xPadding":10},"noTsep":false}}
["WOMEN 44%: {y}","MEN 56%: {y}"]



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