Why Advertise on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM's Howard 100For nearly two decades, we at Media Partners Worldwide have been SIRIUS XM specialists. Media Partners specializes in national radio advertising which reaches this affluent demographic audience. The 2011 merger of Sirius and XM changed the media landscape in the United States. With just one radio media buy, advertisers can now reach over 55 million listeners nationally. Advertising a product or service on SiriusXM satellite radio is an effective way to obtain affordable national exposure.

Our many clients have repeatedly concluded that advertising on SiriusXM works! Your ads reach people who are listening intently in their primary listening location – their car! SiriusXM has two dozen stations on which we can place your commercials including giant news and talk channels such as FOX News, CNN, ESPN, CNBC, PATRIOT, Bloomberg; sports stations that cover the NFL, NASCAR, MLB and the NBA, along with Comedy Channels like Laugh USA and Raw Dog, and of course both of Howard Stern’s stations.

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National Impact and Reach

Media Partners Worldwide recommends SiriusXM Satellite radio as an efficient, effective, and affordable way to run national radio advertising.

Our national media purchasing power can help deliver new customers to you with a high frequency advertising schedule across multiple channels on SiriusXM satellite radio. We can write and produce your commercial message and then deploy a strong and effective media plan using channels specifically targeted to reach your targeted customer demographic profile.

If you are interested in finding out more about advertising your business on SiriusXM satellite radio, then we implore you, don’t hesitate another minute — contact Media Partners Worldwide at 800.579.3031 or by using the contact form right here on our site.

Tell us about your business and we will quickly work up a custom quote just for you!

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