Buying Remnant Advertising

Demand is often high for remnant advertising media placement as it is usually much cheaper than traditional station or agency rate cards. RemnantRemnant radio advertising can be purchased nationally and locally based on remnant space available.

We offer national and regional radio advertisers the opportunity to purchase unsold radio advertising avails at prices much lower than can be found on station rate cards or by calling a radio station directly.

What is Remnant?

As an agency, we specialize in remnant media buying, which is advertising space that has gone unsold and as such is made available to us at a steep discount off of their normal rate cards close to airtime due to our relationships with the broadcast partner.

Why Remnant?

Buying remnant radio advertising allows for testing of radio with reduced investment and risk. For current radio advertisers, the discount pricing afforded by including remnant in your buy helps reduce your overall cost per unit. For performance campaigns, some of our media partners will run your ads on a CPC (cost per call) basis. You pay for the leads or calls generated.

Why Media Partners for Remnant?

  • We are turn-key and can handle the entire process for you including writing your ad copy, producing your commercials, supplying the call tracking phone numbers
  • Remnant opportunities in radio, print (magazines and newspapers), out-of-home (OOH) including billboards, etc.
  • Media buying negotiation effectiveness (30 to 70+% off rate cards)
  • One of SiriusXM’s pioneer advertising agency partners
  • Customer service focused – through to our President
  • Direct Response is in our DNA
  • Family oriented agency culture
  • Our 18+ years of media buying experience

Remnant advertising is easy and it works! We invite you to connect and partner with us – Call today.