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Pioneers since 1997, Media Partners Worldwide offers media strategy, creative & buying for radio, TV, print, outdoor and online. Our relationships & media discounts can save 30%-70% off your media costs!

Radio/Digital Audio

We have earned the reputation of providing the best ROI in the industry. MPW has the lowest negotiated rates, best vendor relationships and proprietary Platinum Matrix software that uses historical analytics to maximize your campaign efficiency.


MPW has long standing partnerships with TV media vendors and DRTV experts. Our collaborative negotiation skills and experience allow us to execute well thought out media plans that deliver better ROIs.


MPW can integrate your offline and online campaigns. We will effectively find and target your audience and turn leads into conversions across all platforms. We consistently track and optimize your campaign getting you the best results.

Print/Out of Home

MPW can develop and place all print and OOH campaigns. MPW can put together special remnant packages. We can also execute non-traditional and branding events.

Radio/Digital Audio

With over 20 years of buying radio advertising spots, Media Partners Worldwide has earned a reputation of providing the best ROI in the industry. Very few agencies have the relationships and buying power like MPW. Our creative experts write strong calls to action to provoke powerful results. In addition, with our Platinum Matrix proprietary software we use historical analytics to maximize your campaign efficiency.

Media Partners Worldwide provides Remnant Radio with tracking software reporting that is excellent….the ROI is realized time after time.

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Media Partners Worldwide has long standing relationships with TV vendors and partners that can give you more cost effective campaigns. Smarter buying strategies and historical performance are used to zero in on your target audience to deliver the best results. In addition, we can save you thousands on the production and creation of your commercial.

  • National Cable
  • Syndication
  • Spot Cable
  • Local Broadcast
  • :10 Second Syndicated Spots
  • Per Inquiry TV


Allow us to take your traditional campaign and create a one stop shop for your digital needs. We can integrate your offline and online efforts and hit your ROI goals. We help you navigate through the fragmented digital landscape and provide a turnkey solution for all of your digital needs. We can help your brand with the following:

  • Search Advertising (Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Amazon)
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Acquisition
  • Landing Page Design and Development
  • Online Tracking and Reporting

Media Partners surpassed our expectations.
They are a great team to work with.

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Print/Out of Home

Increase the reach of your traditional campaigns by adding print or out-of-home to your media mix. We can evaluate each campaign and recommend holistic media strategies to include print and out of home placements. We also can increase brand awareness with large format opportunities. MPW offers versatile and cost efficient print and out-of-home opportunities including:

  • National Consumer Magazines
  • Business Publications
  • Sunday Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Local Consumer Magazines
  • Free Standing Inserts
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Remnant Billboards
  • Transit Signage
  • Digital Outdoors
  • Bus Wraps
  • Bus stops and benches

Our Story

Media Partners Worldwide

Media Partners Worldwide

Media Partners Worldwide, a women owned business, was founded in 1997, by Natalie Hale and a small team of radio veterans working out of a garage. Experience, some luck and hard work helped us quickly grow the agency.

We have worked with a wide scope of industries that include retailers, major brands, lead generators, professional and financial services, as well as direct response products. The MPW advantage lies in our long-time radio relationships, expertise, aggressive buying power and a smart creative team that writes strong call-to-action spots. All this, combined with our proprietary Platinum Matrix tracking system, helps us optimize our client campaigns with higher impact and greater results.

Let our creative and media partnerships in Radio, TV, Print, Outdoor, Mobile, Social Media and Digital, formulate an integrated media plan. Our collaborative team of media professionals is committed to defining and delivering the best ROI for your campaign.

Don’t waste a lot of time and money experimenting on your own! We have already blazed the trail with thousands of client campaigns and we can do it for you!

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Vendor Relationships

Our Advantage

Aggressive Radio Advertising Rates

You’ll get 30%-70% OFF Local and National Radio and Satellite rate cards!

20 Years of Media Buying Experience

Don’t waste your time and money experimenting on your own! Media Partners has already blazed the trail with thousands of successful media campaigns!

Strong Call-to-Action Copy Writing!

Our copy writers have created thousands of radio copy that work and create the best return on investment.

We track Campaign Performance

Media Partners utilizes a platinum tracking system to provide historical data and follow the campaign trends to optimize the results.

We ran a head-to-head competition for a national, lead generation radio campaign. Media Partners Worldwide won hands down.

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Since 1997, we have been helping entrepreneurs with small and medium businesses grow. Integrating Radio, TV, Print, Outdoor and online, we brand clients, drive leads to web, phone and retail.

  • Migralex
    • Lumber Liquidators
      • Lyft
        • Focus Factor
          • Dinovite
            • Airborne
              • Famous Smoke Shop
                • Union Plus
                  • Working America Healthcare
                    • Your Baby Can Read



                    Beauty(acne, wrinkles)
                    Credit Repair
                    Diabetic Related Products
                    Home Improvement